What If Prophets do not Want to Spread the News?

In the wide, expansive panorama of the Holy Bible, some prophets exhibited reluctance when they were called by God. To attract the attention of the one true God is an event of miraculous proportion to most people. To be designated the bearer of tidings straight from the mouth of God is an honor beyond belief. Yet to some prophets of note, God’s call was a time to draw the line and express their reservations. What could have triggered the alarm bells for these prophets?

Let us start with Moses, the prophet who snatched the Israelites out of the evil clutches of Pharaoh in Egypt. Right out of the gate, he immediately sought to make God think twice about the correctness of choosing him. He asked God who was he that God should single him out to be his champion. He complained to God that the Israelites or Pharaoh may not listen to him because he is not eloquent enough. Of course, God found the right answers and Moses went to Egypt.

It was the same thing with Jeremiah, a priest from Anathoth, whom God had already identified as his prophet even before his birth. Jeremiah’s innocent retort was to point out to God that he was too young to be taken seriously. God reached out and touched Jeremiah in the mouth. When God told Jeremiah that he had already put the words inside his mouth, Jeremiah could not do anything but accede.

God chooses his prophets. Nothing else matters.

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