What Does God’s Love Mean for the Prophet Jonah?

God, as omnipotent as He is, can accomplish all things at the snap of a finger. He does not need puny human beings to pave the way for Him. Yet, throughout the length and breadth of the Bible, God sends out prophets to be his emissaries. These trailblazers do so at the risk of their lives because the message that God wants them to broadcast is usually a warning to miscreants and sinners. Most people do not want their shortcomings laid bare before themselves, friends, or families. They will strike back to hurt the bearer of bad tidings. To God’s credit, He has never abandoned his prophets. It is the prophets, like Jonah, who sometimes abandon God in fear of the suffering and humiliation that they will experience at the hands of sinners. Despite this, God showed his love to Jonah in a variety of ways.

When Jonah was dumped overboard by angry sailors, God sent a big fish to swallow him. It may not be the best accommodation to stay in for three days and three nights, but the belly of the fish rescued him from drowning. It also made him more prayerful and more attuned to God’s plan for him. Upon his arrival at Nineveh, the king, himself, led the people in repentance by putting on sackcloth and sitting in the dust. Jonah’s fear of lynching was unfounded.

Jonah should have realized it from the very start. God will always take care of those He favor.

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