How Hardship leads to Perseverance

The tale of hardship is often discussed many times in the bible.

Some examples range from Joseph’s brothers selling him to slavery to a large fish swallowing Jonah.

With these tales, we tend to confront one underlying truth—that we must put our trust in the Lord while we develop perseverance.

Perseverance is the value of developing grit and inner strength despite the obstacles along the way. Many experts often cite it as the key ingredient to success. We can safely attest to its truth when we look at famous athletes, business moguls, and people who have managed to defeat the odds. However, we must also remember that success doesn’t happen overnight.

However, developing perseverance means training both mind and body. It also extends beyond the realm of human possibility. Because we are finite creatures with limited skills and perspectives, we must learn the key to transcendence—going beyond the realm of what is possible and taking a leap of faith.

For many of us, such a leap of faith involves placing our trust in God. Because we are not born with the strength to overcome our troubles, we must humble ourselves first and then pray for God to lend His power to us. When we become open and honest with our doubts and fears, we ask God to remove such worries and troubles before he can lend us strength. It is through this inner process that we can make a definitive change.

When we acknowledge the hardships in our pursuit of dreams, we become humbled and more willing to accept God’s strength than ever. When faced with such difficulties, we don’t have to ask God to take away the pain to reach our goal. Instead, we can ask him to give us the strength necessary to endure the challenges.

by Chad Groen

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