Why God Allows Bad Things to Happen

An essential part of life is experiencing everything that life has to offer. From festive periods to moments of struggle, we must understand that each experience has its merit.

However, individuals who feel that they have done nothing wrong may not be so optimistic. If you have lived as righteously as possible, why is the Lord ignoring your pleas for help?

You’ll be surprised to know that this feeling isn’t unique. Many individuals in the Bible have experienced the same predicament, including Jonah.

If you find yourself feeling disheartened, here are some reasons why God let these painful events happen:  

1. He wants us to learn vital lessons.

Adversity doesn’t just happen for the sake of punishment. God allows struggles to happen to His children because He wants us to learn vital lessons. By allowing us the chance to experience pain and suffering, we (hopefully) become more emboldened to rely on God for strength and help.

2. He wants us to rely on Him.

God’s reasons are not like our own. Therefore, it’s not worth applying human logic to God’s motives. As humans, we are imperfect and flawed, requiring guidance and help. Sometimes, God ensures particular doors stay closed so he can put us in the right direction. When He does this, He wants us to trust Him and rely on His guidance implicitly.

3. He wants us to place our faith in Him.

Closed opportunities, personal struggles, and doubts are all temporary. However, it’s hard to be optimistic when these trials become overwhelming. When that happens, God wants us to place our faith in Him. When we remove all doubt or ask Him to remove them, we become more conscious of receiving His Word and lessons.

Living through difficult periods requires patience, strength, and reliance on the Lord. When we put relay our pain and struggles to Him, we humble ourselves and allow room for better opportunities to come along. We have to keep the faith and learn to trust.

by Chad Groen
Author of Jonah: Beyond the Whale

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