Why Doesn’t God Answer My Prayer?

Prayer allows us to communicate with God as openly as possible. While God doesn’t answer verbally, He does find ways to let us know what is best for best. Whether through dreams, new opportunities or with the help of our loved ones—God knows when we need Him.

However, God doesn’t always answer every prayer. So, if you’ve been praying to God, but He doesn’t answer, here are some possible reasons behind it:

1. It’s not the right time.

God has his reasons for delaying answering your prayer. When you pray for an opportunity that doesn’t arrive, it may be because you are not ready yet. Don’t forget God has His plans for you which may not align with what you want at the moment.

2. You didn’t pray the right way.

God looks into our hearts and souls when we pray unto Him. When we pray to God with wickedness in our hearts, we are less likely to stay on the righteous path. Praying to God while embracing sinfulness cannot co-exist. When God detects your refusal to give up on your sinful ways, He might not answer.

3. What you’re praying for isn’t right for you.

Sometimes the things we want are not equivalent to the things we need. Our limited experience and perspective make us blind to what is suitable for us. When we pray for something unnecessary, God may refuse to answer because He knows it’s not useful for us.

4. You haven’t prayed enough.

Prayer is a habit that requires constant practice. Whether we’re living through happy or troubling times, we must continue to pray to let God know we are sincere. When we put in the effort to place our trust in Him, he will eventually set a time for us.

God works in mysterious ways, including answering (or not answering) your prayers. Nevertheless, one must never forget to listen to God’s cues. More often than not, if something doesn’t work out, then it may not be the path for you.

by Chad Groen
Author of Jonah: Beyond the Whale

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