Why is it Difficult for People to Turn to God for Help?

Numerous events in the Bible had stated a time when humans have turned away from God. Usually, it requires a warning or punishment before they eventually turn back to Him. However, for some, turning back to God may be difficult for specific reasons. 

Here are a few reasons why that may happen:

1. They don’t like help from others.

People who have brought trouble unto themselves may find it hard to ask for help. One reason behind this is pride and lack of accountability. When a person refuses to accept they made a mistake, they do not want to be responsible for the consequences. Taking responsibilities requires humbling oneself, which can be difficult for a prideful person, especially when they think they are correct.

2. They think they could figure it out on their own.

Stubborn and prideful people also believe they know what is best. Instead of asking for help from God or experts, they prefer to do everything themselves, so they don’t feel dependent. This mindset is self-destructive because someone could get stuck in a perpetual agony cycle without knowing.

3. They don’t feel comfortable with the obvious solution.

Sometimes the most obvious solution is the only answer. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to take that route because it involves humility and accepting responsibility.

For example, a person with substance abuse issues may find it easier to deal with their problem by going to rehab. Unfortunately, they might refuse help because they are uncomfortable seeking help from others. They also might think that rehab is a “scam” and would find ways to avoid seeking help.

Jonah had many chances to turn back to God. Unfortunately, it took a storm and the whale for him to see some sense finally. Even though it took him a while, God knew it required patience and time for Jonah to fulfill his responsibility in His name.

by Chad Groen
Author of Jonah: Beyond the Whale

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