A Blessing in Disguise: What Can We Learn from It?

“Even in our own lives, there are times when something bad happens to us, but it ends up leading to something good that may not have happened otherwise.”—Jonah: Beyond the Whale (page 25)

Did a failed opportunity turn out to be a blessing in disguise? How do you feel now after looking back on that situation? Did you feel relief or happiness?

Whatever your answers are, you might be surprised to know that this occurrence is not uncommon. Often, when we want to achieve something, our vision narrows into merely achieving a particular goal. However, when we narrow our focus, we fail to realize that we may not be going in the right direction.

When that happens, sometimes God steps in and makes sure we stay on the right track. Whether He’s:

  • Closing particular doors to opportunities;
  • Giving us the challenge to think things over;
  • Allowing us to experience failure; or
  • Refusing to answer some of our prayers

It might be because these instances are not a part of His plan. Blessings in disguise aren’t just a parachute to keep you from crashing. They also carry essential lessons from God. Some of these lessons include lessons like:

  1. Failure doesn’t define you. You are not a failure. You just failed, and that’s okay.
  1. Failure is necessary for success. If you don’t understand defeat, you’ll never understand and appreciate success. Failing makes you appreciate your accomplishments all the more.
  1. God gives your strengths to help you turn failure into opportunities. God does not let things happen without reason. When He gives us challenges, He wants us to use the gifts He has given us to make opportunities.

  2. If you keep failing, you’ll keep learning. Learning is how we’ll grow. We become better and more mature when we refuse to learn from our mistakes.

by Chad Groen
Author of Jonah: Beyond the Whale

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